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It is 32 years since we started to publish. we have published about 350 books,our fields of publishing are social sciense(economy, sociology, philosophy), art, picture book, education, medical science and so on. we work widely. but we have published the books, thinking mainly how can we spread the books concisely ,that are written by authors and reserchers who stand foremost in their field.
Goro Hani ,who is professor,said: “ Always only a small number of people can understand the truth at first. but when many people can understand the truth , it may have been already in name only and its sprit will have been spoiled. ” But we are in the position :Emile Zola said ; “The truth go ahead.” The truth may be understood by only minority at first but certainly the truth will spread to many people,no matter how be confronted with obstruction .I think so.
Even if we are minority, we always want to continue to publish much more books which are for the pursit of the truth.The books which we published are all editored and published in the position. So, please reffer to the introduction of contents about our books.

1999 Chief Editor: Kenji Chida
2007 Translator:RyoTakahashi

2016 partial amendment

English books

Cerebral Palsy

Introducing Soufusha